Design-studio VIMADNESS was founded in 2007.
Today we are a team of world-class experts in graphic design, car styling and sports branding.
in Las Vegas
Top Gear Live
in Moscow

Our projects

in Oslo
Essen Motor Show
in the city of Essen in Germany
Poland, Wroclaw
American Car Show in Helsinki
Royal Auto Show
in our home-city Saint-Petersburg
Win prizes in the most prestigious international sports festivals and car tuning
We love to work with customers as a team
We know how to maintain the strategic balance between creativity and competence. We understand how to adapt to your needs in order to meet your expectations, both impressively and efficiently in any situation. So that the pleasure of the process and the result of the work is mutual.
We appreciate creative cooperation
We organize international collaborations, we team up with advertising agencies, tuning and design studios.
Throughout its existence our studio has worked with companies of all sizes in multiple industries in more than 20 countries. Russian Drag Racing Federation, Ginza Project, MTV Russia, NSW Sydney Police Department, Marvelous Agency are among happy VIMADNESS customers.
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